We all have the opportunity to live extraordinary lives. Through Chasing Down the Muse, I create content in many forms for a collection of brands that build a better world and inspire people to live their best lives on and off the yoga mat.

Current brands include:
Compass Yoga, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that offers the therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation to people who otherwise would not have access to the practice

One Fine Yogi, a social enterprise that creates yoga-inspired products for you and your home. A portion of all profits benefit Compass Yoga.

- Sing After Storms, a new play that will be produced at New York City’s Thespis Theater Festival in June 2014

First product freebies now available:
One Fine Yogi has just released its first set of digital freebies as I joyfully and speedily work on my other product launches in personal care, fashion, home decor, and mobile apps. Those products will be released this Fall.

These freebies are available for your downloading, listening, and viewing pleasure at by clicking here:

From Ah! to Om…: A Meditation Guide for Beginners is just that – 5 tips to help you begin your own meditation practice. Whether you’ve never tried to meditate before or you’ve tried many times before without much success, these 5 tips will get you on track.

Ujjayi Breathing for Beginners is a guided meditation that shows you how to practice this simple technique to calm your mind and deepen your breath.

Chakra Meditation for Beginners is a guided meditation that gives you a little flavor of what chakras are and the power of each one to restore balance to your life.

Learn more about my professional experience through my LinkedIn Profile.

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